Studio creating custom-made stands and supports.


We are specialized in the showcasing of high jewellery collections from great luxury houses, and the basing of art objects for museums as part of permanent or temporary exhibitions.


Our mission is to design and produce custom-made supports, the role of which is to ensure the security, visibility and conservation of the pieces, in a context defined by our client.


Our approach involves taking the most discreet, concise and refined path.

Our support do not interfere with the piece, they remain separate and differentiated. Assuming its presence, we allow each support to remain as simple and elegant as possible, without disturbing the interpretation of the object or the artwork.

Events and Collections

We have a particular experience in projects with complex planning. We are able to collaborate our team with discretion in a short time period, around collections requiring high levels of security and offering a reduced availabilities in mean of time and space.

Your project steps

Understanding the project, the scenography and the requirements of the project

It is important to understand the purpose, the discourse and the collection itself. This allows us to clearly define the needs of the institution and the appropriate measures that can be implemented.

Analysis of the pieces and collections

Provision of the intentions of scenography, images of presentation etc from the client.

Moving and locating of the pieces

We carry out the necessary scouting, survey the artworks and dimensions of the pieces.

Proposal of technical and aesthetic solutions

We determine what is feasible and what is not, keeping in mind that the priority remains the safety and conservation of the object.

Manufacturing of the supports in the workshop, at the client's location or on the exhibition site

We can travel to the client's location to create certain supports when necessary.

Providing of supports, installation of components and fine tuning

We install the artworks and their supports in the display and then make any final adjustments.

Communication of the gestures and handling of the supports to the reception and commercial teams

In the case where the pieces must be handled throughout the exposition

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