Our process

From conception to installation, assembly and fine tuning, we can handle each phase of your project.

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Our solutions are handcrafted in high quality and durable materials that meet the requirements of preventive conservation. A particular attention is given to the integration of our supports and their simple handling.

They are finished with modern techniques such as thermo-lacquering and thermoplastic coating. This makes them inert and chemically neutral, they are 100% recyclable.


Your project steps

Understanding the project, the scenography and the requirements of the project

It is important to understand the purpose, the discourse and the collection itself. This allows us to clearly define the needs of the institution and the appropriate measures that can be implemented.

Analysis of the pieces and collections

Provision of the intentions of scenography, images of presentation etc from the client.

Moving and locating of the pieces

We carry out the necessary scouting, survey the artworks and dimensions of the pieces.

Proposal of technical and aesthetic solutions

We determine what is feasible and what is not, keeping in mind that the priority remains the safety and conservation of the object.

Manufacturing of the supports in the workshop, at the client's location or on the exhibition site

We can travel to the client's location to create certain supports when necessary.

Providing of supports, installation of components and fine tuning

We install the artworks and their supports in the display and then make any final adjustments.

Communication of the gestures and handling of the supports to the reception and commercial teams

In the case where the pieces must be handled throughout the exposition

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Development of secure, creative and discreet solutions

They are the result of years of experience, and a mastery of traditional and modern techniques. We utilize our skills to design and develop innovative supports in direct response to our clients' challenges.

Neutral and sustainable surface treatments

The supports are in direct contact with the object. They must not alter its physical and chemical structure, and must not leave any trace of their presence. They are finished with neutral, inert and sustainable surface treatments that meet the requirements of preventive conservation.

Guidance and advice of the scenography integration

We can advise and propose the best solutions to our clients' needs. We will determine what is feasible or not, keeping in mind that the priority remains the security of the object.

Easy installation of our stands

During an exhibition and its itinerary, our supports and objects can often be handled. Therefore we plan for them to be sturdy, but also practical and logical to operate. This facilitates handling and ensures the safety of the object.

Reactivity of intervention

Totems takes into consideration the deadlines of its clients and is committed to respecting the announced deadlines. While our responsiveness is an essential priority, the speed of execution also depends on the complexity of your project. We are aware of the technical imperatives of our clients and we are capable of adapting to their schedules and to the limited availability of pieces.


During the course of our collaborations, we guarantee our clients the utmost discretion and the strictest confidentiality in the development of their projects.